Graphics Card Bracket Holder

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  • Support and protect the graphics card to escort work and games. The GT8 Dragonscale graphics card bracket can provide stable support for the graphics card, ensure the balance of force on the graphics card, and make the graphics card run smoothly, work easier, and play more smoothly.
  • Fashion color matching leads the trend. The GTB dragon scale shell adopts 3 fashionable colors: golden black, simple white, and candy powder so that your host can fully release the cool charm.
  • Geometric twill decoration adds a sense of three-dimensionality and technology. The left end of the GT8 graphics card bracket is designed with 3 inclined stripes, which make the appearance and lighting of the bracket more three-dimensional and technological.
  • The scaly crystal light guide strip is crystal clear, cool, and domineering. The light guide bar is made of transparent crystal material, which makes the light appear crystal clear, and the scale design makes the appearance more cool and domineering.
  • Strong aluminum alloy shell, light and durable, bid farewell to rust troubles. The shell and nut of the graphics card bracket are made of aluminum alloy, which has the advantages of high strength, lightweight, and no rust. It can provide strong support for the graphics card and keep it as new for a long time.
  • Multi-interface design is more convenient to expand and install. The cable adopts a 5V 3-pin ARGB dual interface + small 4PIN interface design, which greatly improves the scalability of the product.
  • Sliding adjustment is simple and convenient. The support slide can slide left and right, providing flexible support and control, compatible with a variety of chassis graphics cards on the market, to meet the different needs of users, the length of the chute is 120mm, and the support column can be fine-tuned up and down, and different support heights can be adjusted for graphics cards of different heights.
  • 5V ARGB divine light synchronization, enjoy 16.8 million cool light effects. Support for ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE, ASRock, and other motherboards Addressable (5V) ARGB divine light synchronization, software programmable to customize 16.8 million colors of cool light effects.
  • Excellent details, highlight the quality. We strive for perfection in every trivial detail: the silicone pad of the support frame is scratch-resistant and shock-absorbing, providing intimate protection for the graphics card; the mesh wire is covered, and the power supply line is protected by a mesh, which is more beautiful and durable.
  • Strong compatibility, suitable for 99% of chassis types. Double-hole fixed design, only need to occupy the 2 PCI slots at the back of the chassis to install, compatible with most chassis in the market.